♫♪  The Skull Defekts - “Childrenerdlihc”

So, I suppose what you’re listening to is a sample. Sez herr, @me/my_face, that the A-side of the new The Skull Defekts 12-inch EP 2013-3012 (out November 8) features three new tracks “recorded during their US tour earlier this year,” and their “B-side presents those songs played in reverse and reverse-cut.” Thus, I’ve finally come across a sample I like. It’s seemingly exclusive; like a D[igital]-sides. But, maybe total reversal is the answer to time travel. Errr, though I’d rather just time travel in one song rather than flipping a 12-inch.

It even sounds like the dude is reverse repeating “they’re delicious.” So maybe eating children is the answer to time travel. Why don’t we live in that kind of culture? Who said eating your young ain’t moral? Is that what really separates us from the insect kingdom? I’m going to eat a bunch of kids, time travel to the future during, like, “Reign of Mantis,” and check that shit for a minute. They’ll say something in “Mantis Talk” (future language), kill me, and travel back to 12/20/2012, and shit’ll get ruined. But, yo, The Skull Defekts’ 12-inch EP 2013-3012 will be out long enough for you to get your A-side/edis-B on.

• The Skull Defekts: http://www.skulldfx.com
• Thrill Jockey: http://thrilljockey.com

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