♫♪  Skullcaster - “Revaluation” [excerpt]

Not since I picked up the first book of a five-part biography of Lyndon Johnson have I been more interested in someone coming out of the Texas Hill Country. But lo and behold, our pals at Holodeck Records are dropping the label debut of long-time Central Texas sonic envelope pusher Skullcaster, aka Chris Cones. The excerpt below, which premiered via Noisey, showcases a distinctly dark and dank world constructed by crushed electronics and some acoustic accompaniment on the oud. Judging by the announcement sent out this morning, Revaluation will contain two side-long pieces, so you know it’s gonna get sprawled out and very trippy :)

Skullcaster’s latest will drop October 16 (pre-order here), along with two other as yet unannounced Holodeck cassettes, which is great news for all you H-deck heads out there.

&null; Holodeck Records: http://holodeckrecords.com

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