♫♪  Skullflower - “Alien Awakening”

Another teardrop trickles out the eye of Skullflower, faithful. How DOES one follow up an album called Fucked On A Pile of Corpses anyway!? The two headed hydra of Matthew Bower and Samantha Davies has risen from a bleak English countryside to scorch any ear within the blast radius of the Cold Spring offices with fiery dragon breath. THEY reference Bathory and Popol Vuh, but we know that there isn’t another outfit on this earth that sounds like Skullflower and what you’re going to perceive here is just more blood from their wellspring. Atonal twin guitar wall noise which raises the stakes on ye olde “holocaust section” of My Bloody Valentine’s “You Made Me Realise” x 1000. Screeching, hypnotic, psychedelic cacophony from the blackest pit of despair. That’s “Alien Awakening” and it’s on a new double album coming soon from Skullflower called Draconis that has something to do with this I think….

• Cold Spring: http://coldspring.co.uk
• Skullflower: http://skullflower-skullflowertruth.blogspot.com

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