♫♪  Slam Skillet - “Auroch”

Slam Skillet has been casually shelling out club-ready heaters for a minute now. His URL presence is keen and intellectual, embodying a fine-tuned purposiveness that manifests itself best in the consistency of his tracks. Slam takes the more direct, and arguably more confident, route of channeling his bass to your ears — self releasing a plethora of heady jammers and gut-punched rhythms that will move your feet for you. Whereas one might typically expect such an aesthetic to reside in the more commercialized and codified realms of the Beatport or Juno, Slam Skillet’s self-releases feel honest and direct, developing a systematicity of their own that sustains itself with little visible yearning for any third-party tether. His employment of animal phyla and genera in his track titles, for instance, delineates a certain personality that emphasizes club-empathy given the predetermined accessibility of his music.

Anyhow, the young Slam Skillet himself just popped a six-track EP out of nowhere, and I’m here to absorb and write about it. The assumed single, “Auroch,” embodies an increasingly extensive yet palpable technicality to Slam’s vibrations. A quick Google search of the track title leads me to images of a massively bad-ass bull, an empowering image immediately relatable to the powerful stomping in my earbuds. The track progresses with supreme confidence, elucidating sentiment of some extra-terrestrial tribal gathering, beyond cognitive comprehension yet physically strong and reverberant. The EP is available for purchase on Slam Skillet’s Bandcamp page. Peep “Auroch” below, you might sprout horns and find yourself bucking around on all fours.

• Slam Skillet: https://soundcloud.com/slam-skillet

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