♫♪  Sleeparchive - “The Coldest Place On Earth”

Trapping a wasp in an old crisp packet, the child recalls every time it has been stung.
The wasp, engorged by the dusty prawn cocktail remains, feels similarly nostalgic.
Nobody asks the crisp packet how it is feeling.

recorded in winter 2008” but uploaded a few weeks ago, “The Coldest Place On Earth” finds Sleep Archive in a building without foundations. Fluttering circles of distorted rhythm meet — wires loose — with a gradual crescendo of unhappy warning sounds: at some points supermarket checkout, at others late-night urban alarm, never quite settled.

And while Sleeparchive states in his comments thread that, “maybe i include a slightly different version on a forthcoming release”, the songs feels somehow suitable for SoundCloud, the white mass slowly turning orange.

Until that potential point, you’ll have to turn to Mord Records for Sleeparchive’s latest Senza Titolo EP, a collection of similarly unnerving techno minimalism, formed in that case around the reliable thump that “The Coldest Place On Earth” treats as a vanished mediator.

• Sleeparchive : https://soundcloud.com/sleeparchive-official

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