♫♪  SLIME SHADY - Slime Shady EP

Slime got drippy on me when Slime Season dropped: lots of Brooklyn deli-/warehouse-clubbing to head-stupid hip hop, repeat sessions of happy-go-depressive sonics on ooze, and slurs that mimicked my wasted mind-to-mouth mentality. The debut EP by Slime Shady — the toxic concoction of cecpooL and Lilbeefsnax — delivers the same pronounced slack-jacked vocals with subtle blends of fluttered productions and flickers of beats that blend in harmony. Like a poke-and-stick tattoo on the Slurpy cup you picked up off the street and busted into a 7/11 with ski masks on, raiding the store and throwing all junk on the counter, minus the Slurpy. Buy the world. Slime Shady in the extra. Slide:

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