♫♪  Snake Union - The Role of Revulsion

Everyone contains evil within themselves. Admittedly, this is a broad generalization, but I believe it to be true, so I’m going to run with it. What separates those who choose a life of good vs. evil (very basically) is the acceptance of the gut-splitting horror any one person is capable of inflicting on others/themselves, and how they deal with this fact. There is a darkness in all humans, and it is comforting to act in your own best interest and call that a good life; to squash the notion that any evil pulses inside, and that the decisions you make and act upon are righteous and therefore meritorious. Smashing a beetle to keep a clean house, denying climate change so you can blast your AC, turning a blind eye to institutionalized racism because it makes you feel icky… this is what I am getting at. These little acts of horror piling into a hill of “Yes, I am doing the right thing.”

Condemnation of character is not what I am after. I am just attempting to make a point. My clumsy fingers press the squares, and the words form themselves. This, too, is a tricky space of tipping towards the benefit of humanity vs. the benefit of you. It is crucial to question these little steps - always. It is in this exploration of your own self and how personal information/action is processed (and subsequently managed) where the river of your conscience either dams or lets loose. Be aware of what you are doing. I know I am bad at this, and that I am trying to get better. To be kinder to others. To listen better. To be more empathetic.

In the meantime, listen to Snake Union’s evil-ass The Role of Revulsion below:

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