♫♪  Solomonilla - “Visa” (ft. Billy)

It’s no secret that a good portion of today’s best rap is hiding within the cracks of SoundCloud, and while I pride myself on being able to dig through hundreds of profiles and playlists to find those essential diamonds in the rough, I’m blessed to have been introduced to this joint from Solomonilla.

Titled “Visa,” the Maryland-via-LA rapper’s newest proclaims “swipe my Visa when I need to” with a glossy, autotuned flow that glides like a satisfying swipe of the credit card. It’s a carefree proclamation of anthemic proportions that sounds best when flanked by all the homies, but for our lonely readers, hearing it on a pair of quality headphones is rather gratifying too.

Regardless of your squad being assembled or not, feel the sweet euphoria of swiping your Visa below.

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