Some Ember
Hotel of Lost Light [album stream]

Keith told me to scope Crash Symbols. He got me talking about it and forced his musical knowledge down my mental cavity, eventually pulling an opinion out of me about this release. My concluding opinion? Some Ember’s Hotel of Lost Light is a good effort, but there could be way more than this. Like, them vocals totally could have given a bit of a breakdown. And they ain’t playing the slow-slow card either; they’re on the line of choosing either/or. Oh, but they don’t. Not saying it lands flat or nothing; it’s just in constant fluctuation. Maybe it’s a stressful release. If that’s what they were going for, I’m into it. I mean, I like that whole suspense stuff, just not all the time. If you’re into it all the time, though, buy Hotel of Lost Light off Crash Symbols. Good New York highway driving music.

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