♫♪  Some Pepper - “Changeling”

Some Pepper seems hell bent on making music to annoy and terrorize the human race, and I sincerely thank him for it. Oh god. Uhhhhhhhhh. I’m clawing at my own head in public. I’m staring blankly over the heads of passersby in the direction of the most offensive element of the stereo spread. Turns out it’s all offensive. I’m squinting around at nothing with my head cocked to one side like a confused dog. My ears don’t feel so hot and I am turning up the volume. Some Pepper is a cruel master and I will invite him back for another chance to destroy me.

Not quite a harsh noise wall, not quite a mutant techno session, 800% foul tonal abuse. “Changeling” starts off looking like your child, if your child is a jittering mass of damaged synth tones that pulses occasionally to the beat of a muffled bass drum. At the halfway point, your child changes into a whole ‘nother child and you’re just left there gaping all, “like I can’t tell the difference.” But upon closer inspection, the new incarnation of this child seems satisfactory based on the standards by which you judged the previous incarnation of this child. More static this time around. More of a swirling miasma of looped low-end hell and screeching feedback, instead of like, a swirling miasma of looped upper register synth.

If you can escape the fetal position for long enough to open a new tab, go order Some Pepper’s upcoming Nightshades cassette from Decoherence Records.

• Some Pepper: https://somepepper.bandcamp.com
• Decoherence Records: http://decoherencerecords.com

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