♫♪  SOPHIE - “L.O.V.E.”

Let SOPHIE spell it out for you: “L.O.V.E.” The last bastion of PRODUCT. The reason you buy the physical. (You’ve heard “Vyzee” a thousand times, btw). “L.O.V.E.” defines SOPHIE’s tenacity. “L.O.V.E.” is SOPHIE’s general-vocal intensity and ultra HD production standards warped into Creative Thinking 102. “L.O.V.E.” is the reason you blow your car’s speakers pulling up next to the asshole at the traffic light who cut you off earlier. Forget the asshole. YOU’RE THE ASSHOLE! Driving up Beacon Hill trying to maintain the beat and composure of each letter in the vocal pattern as it deteriorates along with your psyche, so the only reasonable reaction you can muster up is trying to yell louder than “L.O.V.E.” But you can’t. And it absorbs you. Let it absorb you.

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