♫♪  Soul Ipsum - “Psychic Realty”

Get ready for that shy-on-lock: Soul Ipsum just listed “Psychic Realty” like a broker expert. Trapping listeners in a bass surrounded by ambiance that just swarms a melody so lined up it gradually introduces a second, anti-harmony melody, increasing the swelling of nodes in which ear drums eventually pop. That’s right, “Psychic Realty” is so insatiably livable and addictive that eyes turn color, joints twerk backward, and blood pressure rises to the beats per minute. All at once chill and hyped, “Psychic Realty” develops a sound that Soul Ipsum has been branding and exploring and progressing now for years, culminating pure contentment for feeling free. Where is your spirit? How do your nights feel? You’re never alone. Soul Ipsum feels your pressure. And he just leased property via “Psychic Realty.” Get wet. Get money. Get bumping:

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