♫♪  SpaceGhostPurrp - “Movin Weight”

Each new track that 4AD Records expatriate SpaceGhostPurrp uploads to (and often eventually deletes from) one of his many Soundcloud channels is a figment of an unending nightmare, the missing corner piece to a hexed jigsaw puzzle found slumbering among sofa lint and lost coins. Purrp’s latest trans-dimensional transmission is a strikingly convincing depiction of the “muffled, maddening beating of vile drums and the thin, monotonous whine of accursed flutes” that play cacophonous suites for Lovecraft’s Blind Idiot diety Azathoth “at the centre of ultimate Chaos.”

Ironically enough, SGP’s 4-year distance from 4AD has brought him exponentially closer to the ear-splittingly industrial gothic tones that dominated the imprint’s earliest discography. Evident in “Movin Weight” are the squelching, percussive basslines of Cocteau Twins’ Garlands, Bauhaus’ tickly crumbs of sonic debris and the sinister ambience of Modern English’s material released prior to “I Melt With You”. It’s a hefty tome filled with cryptic scrawl — a trap-goth vehicle for forbidden knowledge you’re safest averting your eyes from.

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