♫♪  Spanish Prisoners - “Know No Violence”

Check this out: “Know No Violence” was my summer song. It might not’ve been yours, but it was fur-sh’r mine. Just imagine this was someone’s ‘summer song.’ And a good one #admit. Actually, our pal’s Spanish Prisoners just self-released they’s newest album Gold Fools October 4, which they giving away this week for pay-whatever-you-want scrill. All the songs on the album possess zones of all seasons. It’s “wholistic” in a way. That’s not a word, but language changes. I believe that was in my application to become C Monster. Fur sh’r (x2) double check their .bandcamp. They cover “Still Ill” #legit. Oh my goodness, and they’ve CMJ on lock: 10/17 @ Glasslands Gallery, 10/18 @ The Delancey, 10/19 @ 13 Thames St. 3rd Flr Bshwck, Bk, and 10/22 @ Fontana’s. You invited, duh. Go-go-go!

• Spanish Prisoners: http://www.spanishprisoners.com

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