♫♪  Spanish Prisoners - “Rich Blood”

If ya ain’t making them man/boy sounds, it’s either old-man this or shoo-wop that. Shit, chillwave and witch house? So, where the hell does that leave Spanish Prisoners? Dancing in silk sheets? Yachting with bourgeois ghosts? Alternative rock? Yo, isn’t “indie” rock this generation’s version of straight rock? What changed the “underground” feel? The internet? Is music now just a competition of who best communicates their brand of rock via information technology?

The nitty gritty is Spanish Prisoners are having fun. They all romancin’ that live-mastered feel, buried in acute yet relaxing communication between members, and, oh hello, xylophone. They rock their roll, swaying hips to carefully crafted noises and fidelities, without contrasting they’s own style. “Rich Blood” is on their album Gold Fools to be self-released October 4. Check out they’s album release party at Death By Audio October 6; they’re expecting you (@Mexican Summer, @Carpark, @Ghostly International, @Dovecote).

• Spanish Prisoners: http://spanishprisoners.bandcamp.com

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