♫♪  Spectral Park & Kot Kot - Spectral Park & Kot Kot

"Uh... ya got any gum?"

…because empty city streets look like dead river paths at night, so pacing past all those electrical wires and lit up lamps seems like the right thing to do. That hum and pulse of communication buzzing above with no actual proof in your face except for the fact that people tell you that’s what those wires do – they send the vibes out at a price. Thing is, sleep deprivation is your price. Food tasting like salt and mulch. Eyes drooped in sunken grey pits. Full nocturnal carnival life, like Little Nemo fever dreaming on his coasting bed…

This self-titled Spectral Park & Kot Kot album on Goaty Tapes has that exact same dream-waking, sleep-living lull and pull. In fact, almost reminds me of Mr. Taterbug’s back catalog if he cleaned out all the goop and soot from his reel-to-reels before he let those loony loops fly. So, guess what I’m saying is this is a goddamn good tape.

Snag one here, and stream below:

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