♫♪  Spinee - A.S.K. - Apocalypse Survival Kit

What will happen if society collapses? What would you do if there’s no one to help you or your family? You’re almost excited for this moment, aren’t you? You’ve been stockpiling up MP3s for years and you’re probably just wondering if there’s anything else you’ve forgotten to prepare for. Well, according to experts, your survival depends on your ability to create a fire easily and repeatedly. If it takes you a half hour to find kindling and combustibles, you don’t want to spend another cold and hungry half hour trying to bang rocks together to get a spark. That’s far too much time and energy wasted. However, matches or lighters will not be the solution either. During the apocalypse, you’ll need to create a fire nearly everyday to cook your food, sanitize drinking water, and to warm your bones. Your matches and lighter fluid will run out well before the end of your first winter.

Thankfully PC Music’s Spinee is here with some fire. The following compilation features “8 lone wanderers” that “show you how to survive when the world ends,” including new music from Lil Data, Machine Girl, Life Sim, and DJ Warlord (a.k.a. A. G. C.o.o.k.). Download here, immerse yourself here, and stream here:

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