♫♪  Spooky Cigarette - As Loud As I Can

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”?

Me neither. That’s why I judged the heck out of Spooky Cigarette’s new EP, As Loud As I Can, after I saw its stunning album art. I mean, just look at! And luckily, the musical innards of this short EP are just as striking as that psychedelic neon desert. Thank goodness!

Self-described as “an homage to new wave, no wave, and post punk”, Spooky Cigarette is the type of band you don’t take home to Mom, mainly because bringing four grown men who play in a band together to your mother’s house typically means they need a place to crash and will inevitably stink up the joint. That, or you’re about to be four-way boned, which will also stink up the joint. Whatever the case may be, your dear, sweet mother doesn’t need any of that shit in her house. Just let her rest.

Download the EP from Bleeding Gold Records, and watch a video for the opening track “Oh Well” below.

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