♫♪  Stefan Christoff + Nick Schofield - rêves sonores à Montréal

There is something deeply moving about the collaborative music Stefan Christoff is involved with. Regardless of whom he chooses to work alongside and the instruments that are played, he is able to channel ideas about society, language, pace and evolution through his various compositional styles.

On his latest collaboration, rêves sonores à Montréal, Christoff lends a series of minimal piano compositions to Montréal-based producer Nick Schofield, who “reshapes” each piece to provide “descriptions of a shifting world with an uncertain future.”

Their joint effort results in a collection of tender ambient vignettes that emphasize feelings of concern (“tempête”) and suspense (“de la sucrerie”). It’s an inspiring winter release that couldn’t have been better timed; for in spite of the artists’ intent, it’s almost impossible not to envisage each piece as a snowflake falling towards the ground and slowly melting away into nothing.

rêves sonores à Montréal was made available to stream in mid-December, just after a live performance at Casa del Popolo alongside Pacifique Bleu, Kyle Bobby Dunn and Michael Mucci. Stream it below for free and check out Howl Arts for regular updates on Christoff’s most recent projects.

• Stefan Christoff: https://soundcloud.com/spirodon
• Nick Schofield: https://nickschofield.com
• Howl Arts Collective: http://howlarts.net

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