♫♪  A Story of Rats - “The Calm Lake (excerpt)”

Here we have the latest offering from Los Angeles/Seattle based duo A Story of Rats, comprised of Daniel Salo and Garek Jon Druss. This excerpt from “The Calm Lake” is a slow, ominous journey filled with primal drums, deep synth work, and an eerie aura suited for cold, dark nights. The duo’s new record, The Immeasurable Spiral, out April 6 via Psychic Violence Records, features Andrew Crawshaw slammin’ the drums, and is set to “represent an unknown space where somberness and asphyxiation are of equal temperament.” The ritual begins soon, with pre-orders up and ready for you. Scope the heavy artwork above, as you tumble further into the abyss each time you cycle through “The Calm Lake.”

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