♫♪  Strange Mountain - Ancient Eyes

From the depths of Jakarta, Indonesia, comes Marcel Thee of Sajama Cut, maker of Strange Mountain music. A new release from the minimalist project is titled Ancient Eyes and available on cassette from Twin Springs Tapes out of Asheville, North Carolina. Rich ambient tones and hypnotizing percussion loops cover both sides of tape with euphoric, meditative textures. From playful twinkling melodies to somber drone progressions, the album travels a route that is adventurous yet familiar, ancient yet untouched. Try to yoink one of the super limited tapes from Twin Springs before they’re all gone! The case is the same with Strange Mountain’s Lillerne Tapesrelease and Ginjoha release. So enjoy Ancient Eyes on the digital below:

• Strange Mountain: http://strangemountainmusic.bandcamp.com
• Twin Springs Tapes: http://twinspringstapes.bandcamp.com

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