As the old saying goes: you win some, and you lose some. But, more accurately, nobody ever wins or loses, ’cause life isn’t a fucking sport. Like, during our holiday break, Knxwledge. released WrapTaypes​.​Prt​.​7_ and 2PK​.​4TRK_, ewonee gave all of us some Guidance, CINDYS TAPES plopped their third nodder into decks all across the globe, HOME’s Before The Night grooved out a new notch in your eardrums, Prajnuh & Eets reeled out some jazz for BURNT TAPES, Jomac gave birth to more tracks, Billy the Kid laid waste with his deep mix, and STRAANGE kept doing what he does, releasing tune after tune at a relentless pace. And we didn’t miss any of it, because its all still here.

Welp, with that said, none of the above came close to gutting your consciousness and draining your senses the way Studenets’ masterpiece DISTRESS AND SALVATION did/will. And this shit came out on December sixth, meaning it could’ve made it onto this very site before the break. So, I guess there are losers and winners… Shucks!

• Studenets: https://soundcloud.com/studenets
• Oligopolist Records: https://oligopolistrecords.bandcamp.com

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