So many people been telling me Sun Araw sorta went deep-end with Gazebo Effect. I typically respond with, “Fuck YEAH they did. I don’t get it either. Can’t stop listening. Gazebo Effect is my life, audibly!” What the fuck am I doing listening to music I could “get?” I’m probably doing some shopping at Aldi tryna drown out garbage radio white-noise with more Sun Araw. And/or something involving Alex Gray, of course. The biggest bummer is I can’t see em tonight at NYU with Dreamcrusher, but if you’re in town you should be making plans to get there immediately! In light of my absenteeism, the crew has cooked up live recordings from their last European tour, and entitled them…

Live in OSLO

Live in OTO

This ain’t a joke: Sun Araw is a squadron of sounds and emotions flowing throughout a musical embodiment that is more entity than being. OSLO/OTO continues to push the expectation of how one understands the ever-expanding Sun Araw Band. It’s like Herbie Handcock waking up while recording on Bitches Brew in a studio located beneath the ocean, that turns out to be a dream Alice Cohen once had while napping on Le Sony’r Ra’s couch. And Cam’s commentary is beyond the Zappa on these. Scope above. Don’t you DARE forget tonight, below:

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