♫♪  Sun Araw - “Huff”

Like walking past someone talking on their phone in a hallway, “Huff” — and everything Sun Araw post-Ancient Romans (TMT Review) — begins super conscious and meticulous in vocals. As if Cameron Stallones knows you’re listening in and doesn’t want you to get the wrong idea, cause it’s, “All right, tell ‘em!” But as we’ve all come to expect, “Huff” is another eight minute burner track wherein Sun Araw continues to onslaught of psyche-and-go swag. And as most phone talkers move into more public/compacted areas, ears get filled with sound, and so does the progression of instrumentals in “Huff:” beat inversion, reversed werps, flute-offs, and keys tapping and wobbling. In the city you can walk past a dozen people saying something like, “And if he’s not my uncle, I’m not sucking” or “Tell ‘em his legs are already broken,” or just [yelling]. Well, Stallones really maxes out all his musical abilities in the end of “Huff,” shredding open a conversation of unspoken words that everyone “gets.”

Get B E L O M A N C I E, the seventh full-length album from Sun Araw, mastered by Rashad Becker, and available on 2xLP or CD or as a digital download on Feb. 18 via Sun Ark and Drag City. Stream first track “Huff” below and veggg:

• Sun Araw: http://www.sunaraw.com
• Drag City: http://www.dragcity.com

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