♫♪  Sun Araw & Orphy Robinson - “21.09.15”

All this legendary shit always happening at Cafe OTO. And as obsessed as I am with old Sun Araw, Ima have to admit, I’m probably more infatuated with the xylaphone, as it’s my favorite musical instrument. So the fact that they got Orphy Robinson on the scene is just remarkably for me to mentally behold. Orphy Robinson and Cameron Stallones on the ear candy generation. For real, Google Image search the word “vibes” and field day it. Fuck Google Image, go through Bing and Yahoo. Is Geeves still around to answer questions?

Anyhow, “21.09.15” is just a slice of the full-monty Orphy Robinson and Cameron Stallones whipped up. It also begs the question “What is world music?” In terms of the blending of two minds like this, from two slightly similar/clashing backgrounds in artist music movements, atop of the fact that it’s MODERN — and considering world music as something more “traditional” and “native” these days is not necessarily PC — Orphy Robinson and Cameron Stallones are presenting something wholly original, barely experimental, and exactly of their individual mind’s eye. Become (as always) within the vibes:

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