♫♪  Sun Araw - Second System Vision Radio “Kings of Camouflage: Cuttlefish Exclusive”

What’s better than a new mix by Sun Araw’s vessel, Cameron Stallones? A mix featuring old Chuck Bertliz and new jams from a new Pacificity Soundvisions release! That’s right… and last we heard from Spencer, he was floating waves on the collaborative effect in Tarzana (a.k.a. BEYOND), and even though the Hamburg bootleg edition of 20 dropped super recent, it also contended super quick with the new Sun Araw and Laraaji Professional Sunflow LP, while ALL THREE are still contending plate space on me turntable. But let’s cut to the chase, Second System Vision Radio is just flopping within the ‘Kings of Camouflage: Cuttlefish Exclusive.’ The straight giddy is:

Second System Vision Radio is part of a large-scale project by a completely fictitious made-up hokem organization called the NEW VISION INITIATIVE investigating “nascent digital vision” which is the very simple idea that when you see a new thing you have just a fraction-glint-hair-sliver of moment before it gets reduced to an old thing, and so there’s a infinitesimal chance that if your hands are on the proper levers a real lightning bolt of a “re-cognize” could land you on an unfamiliar tarmac. And then you can ask it questions. The idea started with tiny, obscure digital photographs from an old cellphone, but now it also includes videos and radio shows, and this part is the radio show part. Frequently there are trusted guests who come and squint and try to “re-cognize” the new things, because it’s fun in a group!

Snoop now on dublab for the straight stream or download here!

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