♫♪  Sun Glitters - “It Takes Me”

It’s a refreshing surprise when an artist manages to find a pseudonym that actually befits their music. When christening and content fall in line, it becomes clear that the artist making the music isn’t doing it accidentally, but actually has an inkling or vision. For us listeners, such sure-footedness earns our faith. Sure, there’s a certain appeal in the absolutely oblivious artistic “genius,” who supposedly produces out of feeling and drive, unburdened by self-conscious demons, pretentious theses, and grand plans. But then again, there’s something indelibly honest when the artist knowingly and unabashedly tells us their lofty goals… and then delivers.

See: Sun Glitters, who falls definitively into the latter camp. “It Takes Me” sounds indeed like flecks of daylight splintering along, a stuttering yet driving beat sprinkled with shards of optimism. I hear this song as a symmetrical companion to some tracks by recent blow-up Washed Out. The cuts on Within and Without are clear-eyed visions through turquoise baths; Sun Glitters’ work sounds like the long, aureate shadows of late afternoon. See? The name fits like a sun-baked glove.

The High EP, where you can find “It Takes Me,” is out soon from music/is/for/losers.

• Sun Glitters: http://www.sunglitters.com
• music/is/for/losers: http://www.musicisforlosers.com

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