♫♪  Sun Hammer - “Nighttime In Jefferson National Forest”

Michigan-based experimentalist Sun Hammer (a.k.a. Jay Bodley) has released a new record with Futuresequence, entitled A Dream In Blood. Bodley, who also records under the name A Sun Setting, delivers a lush ambient adventure, which really isn’t as gory as the title may imply. There is a bit of blood, but mostly the scene is quiet and safe. On “Nighttime in Jefferson National Forest,” Sun Hammer uses field recordings from the area (presumably at nighttime) and slowly adds fluffy coats of deep textured drone and piercing overtones until it is all suffocated by the light of day. You can hear the whole bloody thing on the Futuresequence site.

• Sun Hammer: http://soundcloud.com/sunhammer
• Futuresequence: http://www.futuresequence.com

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