♫♪  sundial - thizzls

I’ve got an old TV with dual AV inputs. When two VCRs/DVD players/whatever are used at the same time, each video simultaneously plays overtop of one another. The screen will also violently and colorfuly react when this is done, overlaying the already overlaid images with upward-moving rectangular patterns in all the colors of the rainbow. It’s brought me plenty of enjoyment over the years, but I’ve always scratched my noggin’ as to why this feature existed. And then, all of the sudden, it hit me. I bet the manufacturers were privy to sundial’s thizzls WAY before completing their design. And I bet they just wanted to make something to sell to the public that would visually compliment the stacked sounds of the tape. Those time-traveling, money-grubbing bastards!

The side A kicks off with what could only be described as an underwater church organ being played by a dexterous robot, and what comes afterwards isn’t as extreme, but it all still has that “have I comedown yet, or is that tree still talking to me” vibe. Once flipped, the side B takes off into remixland, with duties being dished out to D/P/I, delofi, and some other heady heads. Like the flip-side, nothing overstays its welcome and everything heightens your senses. Kinda like that TV.

Available now on sundial’s own Big Ear Tapes in an edition of 75. Have at ‘em.

• sundial: https://soundcloud.com/ssuunnddiiaall
• Big Ear Tapes: http://bigeartapes.bandcamp.com

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