♫♪  Sunshower - Arcadia

Earlier, lying on the floor, among plants. A cat rubs its head against a rose-colored iPhone playing “Arcadia.” Its green hair sheds on the azure screen. A green sun sets over low houses in the high hills. Sunburnt grass pixelates sky blue. The White Cliffs of Dover, and the Hollywood Hills. Dark green cacti grow in terra cotta pots. Moss gathers on low rocks along the shore. Kelp snakes in at low tide, and tangles around toes, on high. Seaweed twists in a warm bowl of miso soup. The green veins of jellyfish, undulating. Green scum gathers along the top of the still pond. Light radiates off of rooftop gardens, and plant-filled lounges. Skinny palms along the Sunset Strip sway in time with the rippling waves and bubbling spas of Arcadia.

Green vegetables and fruits pressed into juices, and blended into smoothies. Whole bunches of kale cooked down. Crisp green apples, kiwis, mint, parsley. A small green salad before every meal. Chilled cucumbers cover tired eyes. Dill fronds scattered over creamy avocados, and threaded with eucalyptus and laurel into fragrant crowns. Green bottles of San Pellegrino scattered around the house, and placed onto fake marble pedestals. The green strings of fairy lights, wiggling. A pale green bar of soap on its dish in the shower. Painted cabinets and shelves, aqua and blonde. Into the green. The cat sits up, opens its green eyes, Sunshower for Hi Tide.

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