♫♪  SUNUP Recordings - Living Room Visions Winter 2014

Where do I even begin? That’s the problem with writing about compilations. Especially when they are 50-tracks deep. I could go through the list of artists and mention the ones I’ve heard like luxury elite, Giant Claw, SAINT PEPSI, lockbox, and AyGeeTee, but then, for brevity’s sake, I’d be leaving out a bunch of the names I’ve heard of like Metallic Ghosts, Wakesleep, and Infinity Ghost. And that’s not to mention the other 41 names I’d be omitting like baseball cap, Cats in the Basement, and MEGA MASTER, among others. Every time I start to think I’m finally starting to catch up, batch releases, collaborations, or compilations like this happen, and I realize there is no end. The more you know, the less you realize you know. When internet storage space reaches infinity, I suppose that Faustian desire for unlimited knowledge will be at our fingertips, if only we had the time to eternally scour its depths.

Let’s see. Which track to embed here? I’m going to have to give it to Adderall Canyonly, based almost entirely on the name. I hope you didn’t have anything else you were planning on listening to today.

• SUNUP Recordings: http://sunuprecordings.bandcamp.com

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