♫♪  Supervolcano - The Vault

Every lil’ ‘cano needs a Super.

- Megawati Sukarnoputri

Behind every great volcano is an even greater Supervolcano. Their importance is immeasurable. Whether it’s by encouraging a steady release of the regular volcano’s gastric discharges, or patting the regular volcano’s oozing back, or just being generally there for the regular volcano, a Supervolcano is a blessing in fiery disguise.

And with Supervolcano’s third release for White Reeves Productions, we have a different type of Supervolcano, as well as an entirely different type of blessing. Thick curls of sound rise and settle like steam from smoldering lava. Except for the fact that that’s bullshit, but you get the idea. It’s just good, droney music for watching the eternal friendship of Supervolcanoes and regular volcanoes transpire.

Copies are still available through White Reeves Productions.

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