Suum Cuique
Ascetic Ideals [album stream]

On June 5 (May 28 in the UK), Miles Whittaker, the cute member of Demdike Stare — just kidding; they’re both hot! — is releasing Ascetic Ideals, his second solo release as Suum Cuique. The album, limited to 700 vinyl copies, was created in between the sessions for Demdike Stare’s Elemental (TMT Review) and will be released via Modern Love (not Young Americans, as previously reported).

In an effort to both dedicate your life to a pursuit of contemplative ideals and practice extreme self-denial or self-mortification, feel free to not listen to the album. Or you can listen to the album right now, as Modern Love has made the entire album available for stream. To each his/her own.

• Demdike Stare:
• Modern Love:

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