♫♪  suwakazuya - “guilty”

I feel guilty when I
- doubt
- lie
- am in a mood
- laze
- am flippant
- realize I have not written about a solo release from suwakazuya, until now

I am reforming and being reformed by this song’s computer chorales that reach up into the rafters of my lofty heart.

There was once a poor farmer with a hungry goat. The farmer stole a handful of hay from a kind neighbor to feed to the goat. The goat ate the hay. The farmer stole another handful of hay the next day, and then the next. The neighbor remarked on the health of the goat and heaped praise onto the farmer. The farmer was wracked with confusion and guilt. The farmer stole a whole bundle of hay to feed the goat for many days. The goat would not eat it. The hay spoiled. The goat grew hungry and weak. The neighbor noticed that the goat was doing poorly and gifted the farmer some hay. The goat ate it and its health improved. The farmer’s own crops then flourished.

We are reminded to try and ask for help when we need it, rather than live with shame and guilt.

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