♫♪  Swan Meat & Yoshitaka Hikawa - “casual surgical slang”

Art by Monia Ben Hamouda

Anxiety is asking over and over again. There’s a release to the expression, but for how long? Repetition transcends that apparatus of memory. A stampede of mental anguish, but like waking up and sunshine? Lamp post. Is it morning, or? These days are uncivilized and back-and-forth. Carry me with you, at least. An arm on my shoulder, over your shoulder; hitch a ride.

Swan Meat and YOSHITAKA HIKAWA continue to explore the sculpture of sonics in their newest collaborative release, KNIFE SPITS ICE. Featuring the spoken word (Giant Claw-esque) single “casual surgical slang,” the tediousness of it’s “lyrics” disposes of sampled, robotics as a once-thesis gone-haywire into-infinite: dark matter. Beat in of that and so like. Taste “casual surgical slang” for direct contact, and snoop physicals of KNIFE SPITS ICE (cover art by Monia Ben Hamouda) on Apothecary Compositions ASAP…

q&a, tho

Where are you & Yoshi rn?

Y: Right now I am eating oden at Kameko in higashiginza.
SM: In a lil’ town called Rösrath in Germany, eating curry seeped in coconut milk.

How does your collaborative process work?

Y: We exchange sound stems & make music.
SM: Sounds about right: lots of resampling going on, as well as the possibly criminal use of the auto-pan feature. No regrets.

What types of social settings do you wish KSI were listened to? And alone?

Y: Our music [reaches toward] the need for security.
SM: And finding security: a soft spot in the cold & clinical, perhaps. I think the music is best listened to alone. Or on DMT. JK.

What artists/bands do you hope cover or remix tracks from KSI

Y: WWWINGS & angels.
SM: CCCC, Anakta [link to his sc!], the guy who did the Faster Than Light OST, Bernadette Peters

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