♫♪  SWAPS - “Pair Bonds (sample)”

Try finding a longer sample of “Pair Bonds” digitally. SWAPS wins. Now, make this sample clip the soundtrack to your search; looping tense layers of plucking, “Bing-it, bitch,” cymbal-tapping, snare-popping, and blank canvas-building, until: *play again*. What. A fucking. Tease. Which means you have to buy the SWAPS 10-inch now! Give ‘em props: any band that voids internet piracy through name confusion is okay in my literature.

The combination of SWAPS serves no wrong: Steve Touchton of XBXRX, Ches Smith of Secret Chiefs 3, and John Dieterich and Ed Rodriguez of Deerhoof. Like Dean’s Uncle Leonard, and as the A-Side’s name “Pair Bonds” suggests, mating of these different styles are complementary. It’s symbiotic, almost. Kind of like the 10-inch sleeve art: particles, colors, yaddas, forming something of something, but not completely a thing, only more some… ? Pop on over to Joyful Noise Recordings; the SWAPS 10-inch is on sale now in mint green, because where else will you find it?

• Joyful Noise Recordings: http://www.joyfulnoiserecordings.com

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