♫♪  Swim Good Now - “Daylight”

Pop music — like all art forms with self-imposed limitations — should have run out of permutations and variations, and ought very well be eating itself right now. While the form, structure, keys, and themes might be at the point of infinite loop, other aspects like aesthetic and expression are the time in the space/time continuum equation that prevents things simply re-occurring at once.

Exhibit A: for aesthetic and expression is Swim Good Now (formerly Swim Good/ Jon Lawless) whose latest single “Daylight,” from his forthcoming debut album (tipped to be released in May on Secret Songs), takes a straight up mid-90s R&B song and turns it into something utterly now.

Slowed down to ambient with the gentlest of melodies tinkling along behind the rhythm, Lawless has assembled a would-be all-star group of outsider pop stars to trade vocals right up until “Daylight” has that emotional climax in the second chorus, and then lets the song drift off into the infinite deepness of the aura created during the four minutes of bliss.

While the vocal interplay between Lawless, Daniela Andrade, Aaron Mohr & Lontalius, and the production contributions from Secret Sound label boss Ryan Hemsworth all pack in all the longing, the mixing duties handled by ex-Avalanches sound maestro Darren Seltmann ensure the beauty in every second are crystal clear.

In a perfect world, all pop music would be this genuine:

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