♫♪  SWISHA - “They Don’t Want U To Win (ft. Los)”

SWISHA (a.k.a. DJ Swisha Sweet) is in a revolving circle of producers collaborating and flooding the streets with Great Traks of Juke Bounce Werk. But seriously, the mammoth emphasis on community going wild in this corner of Juke/Footwork is unreal. Scroll through Swisha’s Soundcloud and names like GRRL, DJ W3C, Swaggy Dolphin, Los, Kush Jones, Alfred English (banger)and a dozen more pop out. It’s overwhelming like Grace Jones’ Wiki page is overwhelming: everything intersects here and fuck, now I’m in a massive hole of information, all of this is incredible.

The aforementioned Philly-born, LA-based SWISHA is prepping his debut full-length release coming out on Dome of Doom April 8. The first Los-featuring track “They Don’t Want U To Win” sits on the other end of the bleachers from, say, DJ Paypal’s “Awakening” in it’s soothed, low-to-the-floor backing keys and the Musiq SoulChild sample set a confessional tone. SWISH is gone, but we have SWISHA to look forward to.

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