♫♪  Talib Kweli - “Come Here” (ft. Miguel)

Three reasons why Talib Kweli’s “Come Here” is awesome:

01. It has Miguel on it, the man who brought us a beacon of hope for R&B with “Adorn” and who, alongside Frank Ocean, has ushered in a new era for the genre. His hook recalls a more sprightly Marvin Gaye. Pure ecstasy, shimmering with a summery sheen.

02. The beat is a lush sonic primer for the coming season — the bass pulses loosely, in perfect time to a simple bongo beat. Woozy synths give Kweli a fantastic canvas on which to paint scenes with his typical wit. Very Barry White. Damn right.

03. Talib Kewli’s never one to bore with the lyricism. Only he can take Lady Chatterly’s Lover, Outkast, and the classic Barack-Michelle fist bump and turn it into something special.

Kweli’s latest album, Prisoner of Conscious, hits shelves May 7 and will features guest spots from not only Miguel, but also Kendrick Lamar, Busta Rhymes, Curren$y, and more. If this track’s any indication, it should be something to marvel at.

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