♫♪  Tall Boys - Pretty in Plaster

It’s kind of amazing how often neurosis and fear are often tied to the beginnings of love. There’s a certain beauty to the way that the inevitable uncertainty and longing surrounding a relationship’s genesis is often clouded by an all consuming desire to be around the person of affection. The songs of Tall Boys (a.k.a. vocalist/songwriter Ian McPherson and Peter Nichols of Great Valley/Peter’s Window) tap into this specific feeling perfectly. McPherson’s warbly croon addresses various types of love with equal parts sarcasm and sincerity like a more grounded Stephen Merritt while Nichols’ arrangements and production create a stellar backdrop that’s equal parts Around The World In A Day-era Prince and Chocolate and Cheese-era Ween. These various elements collide to produce tracks like “Wild at Heart” and “Addictive Personality” that frame McPherson’s neurosis against sweetly disaffected pop grooves.

Tall Boys’ debut Pretty in Plaster is available now via Gnar Tapes and Spooky Town Tapes.

• Tall Boys https://www.tall-boy.bandcamp.com
• Gnar Tapes http://www.gnartapes.com
• Spooky Town Tapes http://www.spookytowntapes.com

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