♫♪  Tara King th. - Stellar Fantasies

Lowlife shit is so easy. It’s wearing the same stinky sweatshirt for four months and not shaving or getting a haircut, but you’re going bald, so a vacuum would do the trick, only thinking about the word “vacuum” gets you staring at a hole in the wall for too long, then nothing really much else, how’ve you been?

Moon Glyph is always on a positive trip, aye? I thought Tara King th. had a vocalist? It doesn’t matter because Petrol Chips reminds me of that last phase of self-discovery I encountered before going all-the-way. I was paying for a one-bed apartment sleeping on the living room floor watching Lord of the Rings crying about something.

I watch the Jetsons a shit load back in the day. I’m THANKFUL Earth hasn’t turned Jetsons into an live-action movie or Broadway show. Stellar Fantasies is like if the Jetsons’ artist made the cartoon version of 2001: A Space Odyssey and was show one Saturday morning on 1975-televisions. Find a line:

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