♫♪  Tashi Dorji & Shane Parish - “Dust Of Dust”

MIE Music has gifted ears for talented musicians. As heard in the new collaborative track “Dust to Dust” by Tashi Dorji & Shane Parish, their individual and shared skill(s) on six strings — I suppose 12 strings, but my math grammar is terrible — boast a brevity that’s worshiped through impromptu sound. Yes, in fact the entirety of their new MIE Music release Expecting is a complete improvisational collaboration, eight-tracks long, and made during a time both musicians were about to become parents. Using their collective energies to intertwine notes and melodies, harmonies and rhythms, Tashi Dorji & Shane Parish lay out their law of musical thought in “Dust to Dust” (the shortest, but my favorite track on Expecting), slaying fear, anxiety, pent-up stress, and exhilaration through the peacefully bellowing acoustic sounds of vibrated metal-strings against wood, portraying an equally contempt and anticipatory outcome. And although “Dust to Dust” is the shortest of all eight tracks off Expecting, it’s an amazing example of what’s in store when one hears the rest of their spontaneous bouquet of arrangements. Listen to Tashi Dorji & Shane Parish’s first single off their new MIE Music release below, and pre-order the LP or just buy it straight-up tomorrow.

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