Who the fuck did PR for The Beatles? It ended up being Michael Jackson, right? Either way, the end-game of music is how well you can push your shit on people. And it’s all shit. Music is all shit. Time-lines are the real nihilistic appraise of what-is music. The happenstance of “new music” is purely inconsequential since what’s his name TRL’d a bunch of World Premieres on the HAXX. I don’t fucking know you. Nobody ever will fucking know you. I owe you nothing. Give me money. Give me anything but something to write about. Give me something more to listen to, to want. I want soul without the replication. I want water. But mostly money.

OGT been at this music game forever. Shit, they been killing dolphins since Rosetta Stone made a CD-ROM about the Cetaceans’ holographic language. Now, they introduce a whole new language to the monolithic scene: TAYLOR DRIFT. People say “caveman,” but now with the non-binary aspect to all gender neutral zones, let’s day Rosetta Stone got a whole new cavern of vernacular to spelunk. Clip in:

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