♫♪  Taylor Swift - “Call It What You Want”

"Mmmmm, damn, BR. You're fit like a daydream."

Taylor Swift has dropped another single from her forthcoming Reputation, out November 10. “Call It What You Want” is, musically, the most interesting release so far from the album, with 80s-tinged synths threaded through with Swift’s familiar brand of R&B percussion.

Lyrically, however, “Call It What You Want” brings up intriguing questions. In her last track, “Gorgeous,” Swift floridly described the hot man she wanted to cheat on her boyfriend with (“You’re so gorgeous/ I can’t say anything to your face/ ‘Cause look at your face”); however, in this latest single, she’s singing about how hot her own boyfriend is (“My baby’s fit like a daydream/ Walking with his head down/ I’m the one he’s walking to”). As difficult as it is to believe, there seems to be multiple hot guys described on Swift’s new record, and it seems like she can’t decide which one of them is the hottest. And we’ve only heard a few tracks! The album may be called Reputation, but it may as well be called Hot Guy Anthology 2017. Stay tuned for further updates as the competition unfolds.

Though, I did actually do some research and have a pretty good idea about who this song is about… but who can really say for sure? Therefore, I choose to believe that it’s Burt:

“Look what you made me do.”

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