♫♪  Taylor Swift - “Look What You Made Me Do”

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Taylor Swift has released a new song called “Look What You Made Me Do,” and the public is shocked!

Early reports say that it is a diss track aimed at Kanye West, purportedly in retaliation for his controversial song “Famous.” Shots fired!

Bystanders at the scene are saying that she released a video of a snake on her Twitter page on Tuesday, August 21. Police are currently investigating this lead.

“No, I don’t like you,” Swift sings in her new track. “I don’t like your perfect crime.” Swift goes on to claim that, in the nick of time, she has become smarter and harder, although, as of 11:16 P.M. CST, we have seen no evidence of this.

Later in the song, Swift implored her victim to “look what you made me do.” Experts agree that, at the present moment, what she is referring to is unclear. Stay tuned, as more will be revealed!

Mr. West has yet to be reached for comment, but our reporters on the scene anticipate that he will respond soon.

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