♫♪  Teams - SVETLANTA

From the proto-vaporwave and eccotronic dead-loops of 2010’s Catch Pool to the pan-regional dance syntheses (Miami bass/Detroit techno/Chicago house/London drum & bass, etc.) of last year’s OneWorld 開発, Sean Bowie’s music has always thrived on overt genre manipulation. But on SVETLANTA, his latest album as Teams, Bowie’s modus operandi is much more nuanced, performing an exhibition of janked beats, amphitheater reverb, mangled sampled, and breathy washes of noise. This is pop music annexed, Gymnopédie No.1 as recontextualized by artist Marcel Alcalá, Paramore made transcendent à la Elijah Paul Crampton. And it features a fantastic collaboration with 18+, too.

Download SVETLANTA here or swim in it here:

• Teams: http://teeeams.bandcamp.com

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