♫♪  Telozkope - Orgone Pornog

I’m tryin’ to tell y’all ‘bout that good vape that
Swivels your head ‘round 360 degrees
Embodying the quasi- & the semi w/
An aesthetics pushed beyond what
Genre-Envelope Inc. wants,
In a territory where the eye becomes audible
The “lethal opening of the eye” (Derrida)
Whereupon we unalone in our overload of universes
(In our rectangle of air) take on
The unmeasured nether of a befogged, plush void
Aka the lull of a littoral sublime:
Of music, of music.

Welcome Telozkope to the aesthetic conversation.
Technology-soaked, but still alive atop
This beanie-bag of pixels.
These realms like children’s books.
Or a Time Wizard, hopping.
Dumpster sex.
Ancient choirs;
Cheese cave.
Cryptic & sapient,
In the medium of life.
Along & amid sand a
Music as sunscape, as sunset.
Sand, sand, life, breeze, smell of water,
City, land usage, pharaoh, rats,
Defenestration, cult, sonnet,
Whisper, underneath,

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