♫♪  Tereshkova - “Gray Light”

I don’t know if I’ve got a good rule of thumb to looking for music. It’s become an end in of itself though, a ritual where the steps are more fulfilling than what gets conjured in the end. Picking through the marshes of blogs for rips and tapes, stumbling onto something with the sheen of the interesting on its membrane. All it takes is some curiosity to rip it open, right where you stand.

Once the membrane has frayed and the contents of Collapsed Lake come spilling out into the reeds, there’s precious little time to enjoy the soft melodic moments left at your feet. By the time you stumble up, album in hand, “Gray Light” bears down with its oppressive fuzz, beating down in bulbous UV rays to cook your eardrums and scorch the sensitivity out of them. Probably best to sit back down in those reeds, laying in the oil and taking this one in passively. The soil and miasma may take you in the process, but isn’t it all about process anymore anyway?

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