♫♪  The Grasshopper Lies Heavy - Every Man For Himself And God Against All

In a perfect world, the Grasshopper Lies Heavy would be frequently mentioned in the same breath as like-minded contemporaries such as Sunn O))), Boris, and Earth. These dudes have been churning out some of the most blisteringly loud experimental doom metal anywhere for nearly a decade and each release has constantly pushed the band into new territory. Despite their experimentalism, the band has managed to find a huge following in their hometown of San Antonio due to their ability to frame their noisy excursions within the context of hypnotic grooves and endless riffing.

Their 2010 album Every Man for Himself and God Against All is still one of the most complete works of the band’s that sadly saw a very limited release in its initial incarnation, but thanks to Crowquill Records, the world can now experience the beautiful brutality of this record on vinyl with an expert re-mastering job from resident doom engineer James Plotkin. The small sonic touchups make all the varied sections of Every Man… seem simultaneously more distinct yet streamlined. The descents into Oren Ambarchi style ambiance, the piercing feedback, thick riffs, and most importantly the group’s complete re-appropriation and destruction of 3/4 time throughout are more excitingly immersive than ever.

Every Man for Himself and God Against All is OUT NOW via Crowquill Records. You can stream the album in its entirety below:

• The Grasshopper Lies Heavy: http://www.thegrasshopperliesheavy.bandcamp.com
• Crowquill: http://www.crowquillrecords.com

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