♫♪  The Meets - “Even When The Time Comes”

Lemme run down the gist of “Even When The Time Comes” by drawing upon the most typical TMT writer thing to do, and that’s with a QUOTE:

“Composed of a rotating live performance and recording ensemble directed and produced by Brandon Locher, The Meets’ ensemble consists of nearly two dozen musicians playing and sampling acoustic and electronic instruments over an electronically created sound collage. According to Locher, “80% of the sounds on the album are organic, taken from field-recordings that I made - a drum circle that happened in the streets, recording friends playing orchestral instruments, etc, to build this created ensemble with everyone being credited.” - Brandon Locher

What I’m digging:
- Xylophone, considering it’s the best sound ANYONE can EVER hear.
- The total Lickets feel.
- It Happens Outside, home to “Even When The Time Comes,” has AMAZING album art.
- Brandon Locher lives through the music on this one and isn’t in the naked.
- It’s popping out the vinyl/digital womb on October 1 (even though it can be pre-ordered here).

• Brandon Locher: https://soundcloud.com/brandonlocher
• My Idea of Fun: http://www.myideaoffun.org

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